Low power Cell-ID module that will run your operating logic and communications

Hardware, software and services available

We can help make it happen fast with guaranteed results

We can make your tracking device to be large or small with the battery size of your choice. It can use a unique method of charging or be non-rechargeable. We can add extra sensors - temperature, pressure, and accelerometer. It can be completely inconspicuous or have your own branding all over the device

Custom hardware design for your location tracking device 

Global SIM Card that communicates the location of your device from any place in the world with GSM coverage
Hardware, firmware and software development partners with proven experience developing iTraq-compatible devices and solutions
ITraq platform Dashboard and APIs will make it easy to create applications and solutions to manage and control your location tracking device.

Our global SIM card will let your device connect and report its location from any place with GSM 2G coverage. It will work in the most part of the world, excluding Japan, North and South Korea.

Do you need to track your device around the globe? 

Global Connectivity

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of providers around the world. Our SIM card will work with all of them. There will be no  roaming charges when communicating locations, no matter where it is.

This is the service our platform provides to you to lower your costs and shorten your time to market.

Device Management

How do you manage your devices? 

There is no need for you to write the server backend. Just create your account on the iTraq platform server and get access to all the data you need about your devices:

This can be easily done, using iTraq Platform API and Widgets

Need to integrate your iTraq-Compatible devices with your Line of Business Applications? 

Integration with your business


Location of all devices and how it is changing in time


Number of location reports provided to your clients


Status of every device, including the remaining battery charge


Device Management

Device Control




In just few months your can have your software and hardware solution up and running, delivering you all the important data from around the world.

Platform API and widgets are focused on:

If you will decide to use iTraq platform to collect money from your clients, all the sales data and statistics will be available to you in the platform Dashboard.


Getting payments from your clients

Models you can offer to your clients if you will be using iTraq platform to collect money from your clients:

Prepaid model

Buy certain amount of reports that you will resell to your customers.

Re-purchase when you need more reports.

Prices depend on the amount or reports purchased

Postpaid model

Platform will charge you monthly for the actual amount of reports provided to your customers.

Monthly Fixed

Customers will be paying fixed monthly cost per device independent of the actual amount of location reports received.

Fixed Non-rechargeable

Certain amount of reports included with the device. Device is disposed once no reports left